Feb 2022: Stabilization Training Workshop


This zoom is all about stabilization!

We will warm up and then we will do exercises to strengthen our ability to stabilize our shoulder blades, shoulder girdle and spine and pelvis.


Core Activation

  • Foam Roller Bugs: R x 5, L x 5, Marching. Try on tip toes & feet closer together



  • Shoulder circles & then Hip Circles
  • Side Bends 
  • Straddle Forward Fold + windmills
  • Squat Bottom Position
  • Side Lunge Holds
  • Front Lunge: bend & straighten back leg, hip flexor stretch
  • Hamstring Stretch (A-Frame)
  • Butterfly pose on blocks
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Frogger Stretch
  • Quadruped wrist stretches (use your lats)


Glute Med Activation

  • Scaled Side Planks: 5x dips/side and then HOLD last one 5-10s.


TVA Activation

  • Dynamic forward folds x 10 (hold the last one 10s)
  • Banded TVA Tug of War: L-sit prep with yoga blocks, band around feet. Get hips back! Hold 15s. Try again, lift the feet!
  • Seated Hip Flexor Raises (Straight Legs): 10 R, then 10 L


Serratus & Lats Activation

  • Plank "Plus":  Hold 20s. Goal: 60s.
  • Plank Shoulder taps. Feet apart. Start by just lifting 1 hand off floor a few inches. Hold the lift 2s. 2 sets of 4-6 taps
  • Bipolar slow mo pushup from the knees. Do isometrics where weak.  One rep weak side, one rep strong side, one rep weak side


Fun Stuff

  • Hip Flexor Stabilizer on Ball (scale on floor). Keep the leg straight, find the glute/ham connection.
  • Drinking Birds
  • Slow Mo Chair/Stool Squats: "kiss the butt" on the bench and hold
  • Bench/Stool Slow Mo Pistols. 2 sets: 5 Reps per side, and hold the last rep "kissing butt to bench" for 3s.   Do the POS variation with a band to ensure opposite lat doesn’t disengage.