On day 7, post in the FB group your dream goal! I don’t care HOW crazy you think it is. Please preface the post with [homework - dream goal].

Mine is a press handstand so that I can become a hand balancer!!! I believe I can achieve this… I already bought my handstand canes… so there is NO TURNING BACK! This is important to me because a press handstand means my body is balanced and it will prove to me that I can overcome anything!

So what’s your dream goal? handstand? ring-muscle up? pistol squat? Pull-ups? Aerial Yoga? Ayesha on a pole?, eradicate pain? Do you believe you can achieve it? (this isn't a trick question ... the answer must be YES!). This is important because it helps you understand WHY you are showing up every day to do the foundational exercises. It’s also a dream of mine to help you achieve your dream goal. 

For all the people who want to learn pistol squats: now do you understand why I have you doing L-sits, hip flexor triangles and plank leg lifts? It’s not to torture you, it’s because there is a method to my madness. 

If you know me, then you know I always say, “you don’t learn the “party trick” by doing the “party trick”. You learn the party trick by mastering the fundamentals. 

Enjoy your training! Approach it with a curious mindset! Be a victor!